Frequently Asked Questions

Does Edge Automotive accept trade-in vehicles?

Yes we do! We aim to make your transition to your new vehicle as easy as possible, and are happy to take your trade. In fact, when you trade in your vehicle, not only will it help lower your monthly payments but you will also save the GST on the value of your trade!

What if I still owe money on the car I’m trading in?

Don’t worry. Most people still owe money on the car they want to trade in. We apply the positive or negative equity towards your new monthly payments.

I have excellent credit. What will my interest rate be on my new vehicle?

We deal with many prime lenders and can get reduced dealer rates as low as 3.49% on your new vehicle (OAC).

I don’t have excellent credit. Can I still get approved?

We work with all the major banks, credit unions and lenders to match you up with the right solution to get you approved, regardless of your credit history.

I’ve been turned down for an auto loan before. Can Edge Automotive help?

Our credit experts have extensive resources and experience in helping people with less than perfect credit. Lots of our customers have told us that they were turned down elsewhere only to be approved by us! Call today!

How much can I get approved for?

The amount that your loan will be pre-approved for depends on several factors. We will work hard with you to find a vehicle that fits comfortably into your monthly budget.

How much of a down payment do I need?

The total amount required as a down payment will vary with each loan. However, in many cases you will be approved with no down payment.

What are the interest rates going to be on my next car loan?

Interest rates vary depending on a variety of factors. The only way to know exactly what you’ll be looking at is to apply online and one of our friendly staff will contact you and go over all of your options.

What kind of financial situations are you able to deal with?

Our credit experts work with all the major lenders who specialize in: good credit, bad credit, no credit, self employed, slow or late repayments, repossessions, bankruptcy, divorce, consumer proposals, new to country, R9’s, and many more unique situations.

Am I obligated to Edge Automotive Sales if I apply? Or do I have to pay a fee?

Applying online is completely free! If and when you decide to purchase a vehicle whether it is with cash or by taking advantage of one of the finance programs, we will go over all costs associated with buying a vehicle.

Where can I view your vehicles? What if you don’t have the vehicle I want?

We have a full list of our vehicle inventory online and our inventory is always changing. However, we can also source specific vehicles for pre-approved clients.

What terms and conditions exist?

As with any dealership, the advertised promotions always have some terms and conditions that will apply (ie: money down, OAC, co-signer, etc.) No two situations are the same, but rest assured we will give you full disclosure as to what is required after we have run your credit application.

I’ve had a bankruptcy in the past. Can you help?

Yes. Many dealerships view bankruptcy as a bad thing. We view it as a fresh start and there are excellent programs available to help you into your next vehicle.

I’ve never had credit before. Can I still qualify?

Absolutely! There are several programs dedicated to people who are new to credit.

How will applying affect my credit rating?

Every time you apply for a loan it will be reported on your credit bureau. When you apply for a pre-approval our partners target the lenders that are most likely to give you a favorable response – reducing the total inquires to your credit file.

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